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SABBATINI & TURCO - Queen Elizabeth II - Death

Fashion industry reacts to Queen Elizabeth II’s death at 96

Fashion industry tributes have begun pouring in to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-reigning monarch, who died Thursday, 8 September, at home in Balmoral in Scotland,…


What phygital is and why it is beneficial for your business

How many times have we gone to a shop to see, touch and try a product and then go out empty-handed
and order it online […]

SABBATINI & TURCO - mipel 122

Mipel and Mirta Renew the Phygital Partnership for Mipel 122

Mipel and Mirta renew the phygital partnership for the Mipel122 edition from 18 to 20 September in Milan […]

How to Choose the Right Women’s Bag for Us

How to choose the right bag for us: The question to ask to understaind if it’s the right bag for every occasion […]

Sustainable fashion: the importance of dressing respecting the environment

Sustainable fashion is that fashion that respects the environment and society in all its phases […]

Sabbatini & Turco | Circular Economy UE

The EU wants to put an end to fast fashion by 2030: what consequences will it have?

For too long the fashion industry has escaped the “polluter pays” principle […]

Sabbatini & Turco | Mr Bags

Luxury in China: made in Italy appeals to Gen Z green and individualistic

Leather goods are the segment that performed best in 2021 in China thanks to younger consumers such as Mr Bags. […]

What is vegetable tanned leather?

Web and social media are a real mine of information, which often turn out to be unreliable […]