Simona Sabbatini

The professional life of fashion stylist Simona Sabbatini was born in the world of tourism as a technical director, tour leader and travel consultant. At the same time, she cultivates an innate passion for early 20th century design, rationalist architecture and fashion.

With a strong aesthetic sensitivity, she has always been looking for beauty in all its forms. She prefers clean lines and natural materials in design as well as in fashion because on the other hand “it is through essentiality that everything that truly has character emerges”.

Thanks to the meeting with his life partner, the artist and designer Stefano Turco, he therefore manages to materialize his attitudes through the foundation in 2011 of the STEFANOTURCO brand, a project that in a few years has expanded from a small artisan reality to a brand cosmopolitan loved all over the world.


Simona Sabbatini


Our Story.

“From 2011 to today…”


The STEFANOTURCO brand was born from the creative talent of fashion stylist Simona Sabbatini and art designer Stefano Turco, a small artisan company transformed in a few years into a cosmopolitan brand loved all over the world. After a period of testing and research of the best raw materials, the first collection created entirely by the duo was launched in 2017.

Success is immediate and growing. Tradition, excellence and sustainability are the ethical values of the brand which today boasts a presence in the best boutiques, department stores and online stores of the most important world fashion markets such as Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. STEFANOTURCO asserts itself as synonymous with Italian style, quality and creativity.

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The STEFANOTURCO brand is renewed and evolves to enter a new era, SABBATINI & TURCO is born. The new brand is the fusion of the surnames of the creative duo which, in addition to inheriting and continuing the offer of the already iconic leather models, expands its portfolio of offers of bags made with the best sustainable raw materials.

The new challenge of the transition towards a sustainable economy and the battle against climate change will be the focus of the next future productions, confirming all the attention to detail, exclusivity and quality of its products, a MUST that customers over the years have grown to love.

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Stefano Turco

Son of art, he grew up in the world of art and design stimulated by the artistic vein of his father Mauro. Stefano is also fascinated by design and music, so much so that he graduates in piano and composition.

In 2007 he left for Los Angeles in California for personal and professional growth. To the strong passion for music, art and design is added the love for fashion that materializes with the meeting of the fashion stylist Simona Sabbatini, who will later become his life partner.

Experimentation is the basis of the artistic evolution of the duo, thus a fabric with exceptional properties is conceived with which they will create unique collections together, giving life to a business project that will lead to the foundation in 2011 of the STEFANOTURCO brand.

Stefano Turco


“We can’t do without accessories such as bags, but we can give more value to what we buy”

Vegetable Tanned Leather.

Nickel Free Accessories.

100% Organic Cotton.